Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I mentioned earlier that God provide me the new business. I'm here by wants to thanks god that he guide me all the way to finish my website. Through out the way, I've been facing lots of challenges and difficulties. Amen !

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanks God for my new business.

Back in the day I finished my 1st inverview, when I went back home, god give me new IT business mainly on SEO service (they call me). Last week Friday on (6/8/10), I went and meet one of the business partner and presented my proposal. And the 2nd presentation with the 2nd business partner, praise the lord !! they finally accepted my business proposal in IT project. Is that, they agree to paid me 5-10% commission on new business I bring in. They running a Car Solar Film company namely Solar Tint Shop Sdn Bhd.

The 2nd company Interview

Praise the lord, after the 1st company "Yakimbi Sdn Bhd" interview, i when back home trying to search another SEO position job. Than i found this company called "701 Panduan" a web directory company. At that time, I just try my luck to apply the job position. Yesterday (11/8/10), I had gone through the interview in 701 Panduan Sdn Bhd company, its quite success and I feels the female interviewer quite like me.. haha.

Anyway, www.701panduan.com is one of the top 10 best website in malaysia. That why, I said amen !!  Eventhrough, If I fails to optain the job, I've learned my valueable experience from the interview !! Really a lot !!  Praise the lord !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Interview

Yesterday, got 3 phone calls from the JobStreet.com I kinda surprize that time. Because, I dint open/update my JobStreet Sccount almost 3years ! So, that time i just Search the job title called "SEO" ends up really got such job position in Malaysia, so I apply it. And make a phone call to the company (yakimbi). Prise god, they ask me go for a interview today. Amen, the interview was smooth, heard that they shortlisted few candidates, hope that they will hired me.

Oh well, its all depends on god's will, if god really want me to work there he will provide me the job as i not very urgent to work for people. In facts, my business will earn more than they pay me. :p

Monday, August 2, 2010

The 3rd prize

In the FIFA Football session that time I entered a contest that asked us to guess which country will be the FIFA world cup. Still remember at the last day of the contest, i still cant make my decision to choose any country, because that time still  16 runner up, which means i need to guess one country out of 16 countries. Than suddenly, God leads me to choose Spain. Few weeks ago the company called me to collect the prize.Which is...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Take picture with Prime Minister

Still remember few weeks ago, should be 11th July, my friend name "Alex" go to his Petronas Scholarship gathering dinner with all the top students in Malaysia. Usually this kind of event, Malaysia's prime minister will attend to give a speech and etc. Since I like to take picture with great people, at that moment I pray and ask God to allow me attend this event, but is impossible because is only selected ex scholarship-holder students can attend. But, I'm still believing in God.

Not long ago, this wed afternoon, I went to Bangsar Village to meet my tutor name "pepe". It was 4pm at that moment. When I finish meeting my tutor, I go shopping. Cut the long story short. Because of God grace, I eventually have a chance to take picture with, Tun Dr Mahathir - ex prime minister of Malaysia.